Power Rangers Beast Morphers » Zords

The Beast Bots enter and Link with the Zords and function as the control consoles. Linking with a Zord also slightly increases the Zord’s power level. The Beast Bots can control their Zord on their own without a pilot.

 Beast Racer Zord
Name: Beast Racer Zord
Owner(s): Red Ranger
Beast Bot Link up: Cruise
4 Modes: Remote Mode; Linked Mode; Cheetah Mode; Battle Mode
First Seen/Used: Remote Mode, Linked Mode and Battle Mode Episode 2; Cheetah Mode Episode 4
Powers(Att) Used: “Rapid Blast” from eyes of Linked Mode (Ep3); “Racer Slash” Linked Mode (Ep3); “Rapid Blast” from side departments of Linked Mode (Ep4)

 Racer Zord: Battle Mode
Name: Racer Zord: Battle Mode
Owner(s): Red Ranger
Beast Bot Link up: Cruise
First Seen/Used: Episode 2
Powers(Att) Used: “Racer Zord, Cheetah Strike!” finisher (Ep2); Jet Thrusters (Ep3); “Rocket Storm” (Ep4)
Info: Red Ranger uses the Cheetah Beast Blaster for interfacing with his Zord to hyper-charge its “Racer Zord, Cheetah Strike!” finisher attack.

 Beast Chopper Zord
Name: Beast Chopper Zord
Owner(s): Yellow Ranger
Beast Bot Link up: Jax
3 Modes/First Seen/Used: Remote Mode, Linked Mode and Jackrabbit Mode (Ep2)
Linked Mode Powers(Att) Used: “Rapid Blast” (blasting); lifting clamps (Ep5)
Jackrabbit Mode Powers(Att) Used: digging; kicking

 Beast Wheeler Zord
Name: Beast Wheeler Zord
Owner(s): Blue Ranger
Beast Bot Link up: Smash
3 Modes: Remote Mode; Linked Mode; Gorilla Mode
First Seen/Used: Remote Mode and Linked Mode Episode 2; Gorilla Mode Episode 3
Powers(Att) Used: “Rocket Storm” Gorilla Mode (Ep3); “Beast Beam” (multiple energy beams) Linked Mode (Ep5); energy beams Gorilla Mode (Ep7)

 Beast-X Megazord
Name: Beast-X Megazord
Owner(s): Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers
Beast Bot Link ups: Cruise, Smash and Jax
3 combined: Beast Racer, Chopper, and Wheeler Zords
First Seen/Used: Episode 6
Arsenal: “Beast-X Blade”; Beast Chopper Zord blades
Powers(Att) Used: The Chopper blades generate an “Energy Shield” to destroy incoming projectiles; “Beast-X Hyperstrike” finisher; Beast-X Blade, Blast” (Ep7)
Info: “Beast-X Megazord Unleashed!” The Beast-X Megazord is formed by typing B X M Z into the keypad of each individual zord. When combining the Zords in battle, the Rangers activate a surrounding energy shield which protects them from attacks during the process. The Beast-X Megazord is able to shoot blue energy waves that form an energy bubble around the target(s), trapping them inside before using the “Beast-X Hyperstrike” slash finisher.