Power Rangers Beast Morphers » Massive Beast Morphers Update

Update: Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Added to Rangers Page: Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger

Added to Beast Bots Page: Cruise, Smash and Jax

Added to Arsenal Page: Communicators, Grid Battleforce blasters, Beast-X Morphers, Morph-X Keys, Beast-X Blasters, Beast-X Sabers, Transporters, GB devices, Cheetah Beast Blaster, Grid Battleforce vehicles, Beast-X Cannons, and X-Bikes

Added to Zords Page: Beast Racer Zord, Racer Zord: Battle Mode, Beast Chopper Zord, and Beast Wheeler Zord

Added to Allies Page: Muriel Reeves, Blaze, Roxy, Mayor Adam Daniels, Betty Burke, Ben Burke, Commander Shaw, Nate Silva, Technician, and Grid Battleforce Guardians

Added to Villains Page: Evox, Blaze (Avatar), Roxy (Avatar), Scrozzle, Tronics, Cycletron, Gigadrones Alpha-Model, Cycledrone, Needletron, Gigadrones Beta-Model, and Needledrone