Power Rangers Beast Morphers » Beast Morphers S2 Episodes 19 and 20 Update

Update: Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Added to Episodes section: S2 Episodes 19 and 20 Summaries, Credits, Image Galleries and Notes

Added to Rangers Page: Red Ranger (S2 Ep20), and Silver Ranger (S2 Ep20)

Added to Arsenal Page: Beast-X King Ultra Bow (S2 Ep19)

Added to Allies Page: Blaze (S2 Ep20), Commander Shaw (S2 Ep20), and Colonel Mason Truman

Added to Villains Page: Robo-Blaze (S2 Ep19), and Evox with the full power (S2 Ep19-Ep20)…

Added to Collection Page: 1 new Animation